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Forsta’s unrivaled experience technology is now powering Press Ganey

World-beating technology, data, and expertise, for research, healthcare, and customer experience

Our bold, innovative vision is founded on the principle that behind every data point is a real human being, and this vision is at the core of every move we make.

We will become the technology partner that ambitious organizations turn to when they’re looking to discover more, understand better and grow smarter. We aim to move the market to true customer intimacy through deeper understanding of the Human Experience (HX).

Our businesses are breaking down silos to explore and understand the full Human Experience of our clients’ target audiences, both external and internal.

We deliver groundbreaking experience and research technology, unmatched expertise, and real impact for ambitious leaders globally.

Press Ganey

The world’s only Human Experience healthcare platform. Unparalleled breadth, unmatched expertise. Helping to shape and optimize the future of healthcare. 


The world’s leading HX and Research Technology platform. Going beyond methodology and data silos. Helping inform and inspire decision-makers.

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