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Forsta launches Forsta Discussions, a self-serve video focus group tool for market researchers and customer experience professionals

The new tool for running online focus groups and in-depth interviews that help brands listen to and capture insights

CHICAGO – April 18, 2023Forsta, a leading global provider of market research, customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX) technology, today announced the release of Forsta Discussions, its integrated qualitative research tool for planning, conducting and monitoring video focus groups within the Forsta Human Experience (HX) Platform. This makes it easier to extend existing research programs and analyze, visualize and report using the range of tools in the Forsta HX platform.

Forsta Discussions’ easy-to-use, self-serve interface enables researchers and CX professionals who are conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) to capture rich and comprehensive feedback from participants or customers. It also allows them to delve deeper into this feedback to understand these groups better than ever before.

Forsta Discussions offers the following benefits:

  • Schedule, conduct, and observe sessions as desired with the online project management dashboard and video meeting interface.
  • Integration into the Forsta HX platform to complement other research programs, like surveys or diary studies. Gather, analyze, and visualize in one place.   
  • Cutting-edge research tools for video focus group moderation and observation including participant management, virtual backroom and in-built security capabilities.  

“Focus groups and IDI’s are a crucial component of good qualitative research to fully understand the motivations and feelings of customers and research participants, whether you’re looking to introduce qual research into your offering as a market research agency (MRA) or want to quickly capture in-depth feedback from participants. With Discussions, we’re creating an easy-to-use space for two-way conversation that focuses on human connection with customers and participants. And we’re also capturing those verbal and non-verbal insights so that brands can be empowered to act in a way that builds personalized experiences for their audiences.”

Tobi Andersson
Managing Director of Market Research at Forsta

“Forsta Discussions is available as part of the Forsta HX Platform alongside Forsta Surveys, Visualizations, Studio, Digital Diaries, and more. It can be used for to run online focus groups, to complement other research programs, as well as run in parallel to existing CX programs. Forsta also offers a full range of qualitative research tools for market research and CX professionals.

To learn more about Forsta Discussions, please visit our web page below.

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